Save 20% on Purchases

Join my Team and start saving straight away but you may still be asking yourself "why should I join?"

I, personally joined to save $$ on my purchases and because I love the way everything coordinates so well together, so that saves me lots of time too.

Crafting is fun and I want to share with everyone. Joining does not mean you have to sell to others or that you're locked in. You absolutely have the choice on how long you stay an active demonstrator and whether you want to sell to others.

There are plenty of reasons to join Stampin' Up! I recently celebrated my 13th Anniversary by far
its been the best craft decision I've made!  Crafting is fun and if you're like me, you may have a wishlist as long as your arm - so why pay more when you don't have to? 

What do I get for the $169?
  • CHOOSE what YOU want up to value of $235 
  • A BOX of Catalogues (and seasonal catalogues) for you to share
  • FREE Business Pack valued at $80 
  • FREE postage on the starter kit
  • At least 20% DISCOUNT on future purchases whilst an active demonstrator
  • Early access to new products
  • Invitation to attend Stampin' Up! events
Still have some questions .. thats ok, its only natural
  • Do you have to hold parties or workshops?  You can purely purchase just to get the products cheaper - there are no obligations to sell to others
  • What if I don’t want the kit, can I still order Stampin’ Up! products from you? Absolutely, but you are crazy not to join!! Most that have joined my team did not join to start a business they are just doing it to get the products cheaper and support their hobby (or addiction) lol. But you could build any sized business doing something you love if you like!
  • Do I require an ABN to join it asks me for one on the form? In the past this was the case – but no longer – you can just join for a hobby No ABN is required. Even though it is on the form you will notice it doesn’t have a red asterisk next to it so is not required to be filled out.
  • If I join and don't reach the quarterly sales target ($440 per quarter), what happens? Do I just stop becoming a demonstrator and lose my benefits?  That is correct – there is no fee, nothing happens, you just finish. They do give you an opportunity to make up what you missed so you are still active in the fourth month (pending month) You need to make up what you missed to continue. But there are no fees, lock in contracts etc. It works out with the discount to around $100 per month in sales.
I'd love to welcome you to my team The Midnight Crafters.  If you would like an information pack or want to have a quick chat over the phone I'm here to help. The choice is yours. 

Contact me on
Mobile: 0424 238 696

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