Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sparkly Blossom Wedding Invitations

Hi Everyone

As Australia Day 2014 approaches, 2 very happy, sweet people are getting themselves ready for a wonderful occasion. I had the pleasure of creating these beautiful Wedding Invitations. As you know I love all things Stampin' Up! And these invitations are everything I wanted them to represent for the couple. Beautiful, striking & classy.
Here they are in more detail for you.

Easel Invitations are my most favourite style to create with, a WOW no matter the occasion
I always include a matching note card from me
All boxed up ready to be sent.
Production pics
Hand-tied bows secured with the very super Stampin' Up! Mini Glue Dots
Tip of the day: cut longer strips to make assembly of tricky pieces easier, then cut to your desired size, this will mean less cutting for you as you won't have different (red & silver) lengths - they will be perfect each time when cut together like this. 


  1. These are just stunning Carolina - I love the card that you give them too - how beautiful to have it matching the invites. Gorgeous.

  2. How cute and what a great DIY idea for a wedding, I'm married so I am thinking put a plant in it and make it a great teachers gift!

    wedding bouquet