Sunday, 14 May 2017

Random Acts of Kindness Card Group Blog Hop - May 2017 #RAKitup #imbringingRAKcardsback

Welcome to the Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Blog Hop. You are visiting ME,Carolina Evans in Melbourne Australia. I am showcasing the cards I have given &/or received as part of the Random Act of Kindness Card Group on Facebook. Each month, we each select a few people from the Group to send a RAK card to. It's great knowing that you will bring them a smile and brighten their day. Please feel free to join the Group if you would like to participate in the RAK cards movement. #RAKitup #imbringingRAKcardsback

This is my first participation and I wanted to start off with a bang! I have a whole bunch of beautiful cards that need to be sent out and give someone a smile. These are the cards I sent out and it felt so good to send a whole lot of love, the comments from the recipients is really priceless. I can't wait for the June group!
 These are the cards I have received! There's so beautiful - thank you thank you
I hope the projects you've seen here on my blog today have inspired & brightened your day. You are currently visiting me Carolina Evans, please see the list below to continue on the hop. I promise you don't want to miss any.
Full Blog Hop Line Up


  1. Love your cards Carolina, so couldn't wait until today to see what everyone has posted on there Blog

  2. Oh wow!!! Love the cards you've sent and received. I enjoy your blog so much, Caroline! You need to pinch me!

    1. I always mess up spelling name even on Pinterest!!! Carolina, Carolina, Carolina.

  3. Gorgeous cards Carolina, such am awesome group

  4. Geez you sent a ton of cards! I'll be showing your lovely card I received next month. Thank you for joining in on the first RAK Blog Hop! xx

  5. You are such a sweetheart, Carolina. All those beautiful cards sent and equally happy recipients. And lovely ones you have received as well. Lovely hopping with you! D xox

  6. I love all of these cards, Carolina! You've sent out so much love! Amazing!