Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Unfinished Projects

Today's post is all about that box that I know we all have with unfinished projects. Creations that you either couldn't finish just then and there, or you'd lost your crafting mojo on! I definitely have a box of these - unfinished, but not forgotten goodies. 
The Bokeh technique was (still is) a hit about 6mths ago in our team, we were all sponging away creating some very sychidelic patterns! Now after I created mine, I didn't know what to do with them - how to finish them? So in the box they went....until I had a play with my new Rose Garden Thinlet dies.
Cut from the Bokeh sheet I had sponged (months ago!), I carefully adhered the petals of the Rose back into place and WOW how stunning do all the colours look?
It reminds me of a stained glass window.  Now before you get too excited, I still have a problem... How to finish it now?  I'm tempted to leave them as they are - I love them, they're so pretty! 

If you haven't tried the Bokeh technique check out this video, it's a great tutorial by DD Stamps.

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